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The internet is awash with quick tips to solve every health problem you currently have or could possibly get in the future. Few of these tips are effective in anything but the most superficial way and some of them are actually harmful.

Glow Face

The best way to give your face its glow is to treat it with the same care that you would give any object of great value and not abuse it.  

  • Our skin is the largest organ in the human body.
  • It covers 100 percent of our muscles, bones and nerves.
  • It is the first thing that people see and making sure that it is wrinkle- and spot-free is the source of a great deal of our anti-aging angst.
  • Keeping the skin on your face glowing and vibrant is also the base of the multi-million dollar cosmetics industry.

Taking advice from cosmetic manufacturers would seem to be similar to taking advice from foxes on how best to secure your hen house. It may make sense at the time, but there is usually an ulterior motive. Instead, use your common sense and let these five guidelines be your guide to achieving and maintaining truly healthy skin that will have a natural glow all of its own.

#1: Maintain a nutritious diet

Diet is essential for healthy skin. The best foods to achieve and maintain a healthy glow fall on the higher end of the protein scale. These include fish and white meats high in natural proteins. Vegetables such as broccoli, carrots and radishes are good sources for protein and help maintain your skin. Don’t forget natural grains like buckwheat and brown rice to round out your diet and help control digestive problems that can affect your complexion.

#2: Drink plenty of water

Plenty is at least two liters of water per day. In addition to flushing impurities from your system, drinking water helps your skin avoid dryness and wrinkles. If those were the only benefits, that would be enough but water also boosts your immune system and keeps excess oils and toxins from building up in your skin.

#3: Limit exposure to the Sun

You don’t need to avoid the sun, but maintaining a healthy skin tone will require you to control how much – and what kind of – sunlight you are exposed to. Sunlight promotes the creation of vitamin D in your body but can damage your skin or even cause skin cancer if the sunlight is too harsh or you are exposed for too long. The best time to absorb sunlight is in the morning before the light becomes too harsh but after about 10 am you should use clothing or a sunscreen to minimize exposure. Once the afternoon sun has mellowed then, by all means, enjoy it. Sensibly, of course, when it comes to the sun, moderation should be your watch word.

#4: Hydrate and exfoliate your skin

The natural oils generated by your skin are necessary for its nourishment and you should only wash your face twice per day to avoid making your skin dry. Dry skin can lead to cracks and wrinkles. Don’t scrub your face as it can cause skin irritation. After washing your face with warm water, make sure to rinse. The warm water opens up the pores on the skin – allowing dirt and oils to be removed – but the cold water rinse will close those pores to keep bacteria and dirt from getting in.

In addition to washing, you should get in the habit of exfoliating your face on a regular basis. If you exfoliate prior to sleeping you should ensure that you use a mild moisturizer or anti-aging cream to avoid getting dirt build-up in your pores.

#5: Avoid stress

The hardest step in keeping your skin healthy is knowing when to let your worries go and rest. Getting the proper amount of sleep gives your skin – and the rest of your body – the time it needs to recharge, renew cells and relax the muscles that can cause wrinkles. Sydney Plastic Surgery experts emphasize that for healthy skin, as well as a healthy mind, getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night is necessary.

Relaxing before going to bed will also reduce oil production and discourage white heads from forming. Regular exercise can also limit the damage that stress can wreak on a body and give your skin the time and energy it needs to stay healthy.

As you can see, these are not ‘quick tips’ to get a healthy glowing skin in 5 minutes. They require dedication and commitment to maintaining your health and lifestyle with the goal of being a healthier person who has beautiful skin.

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