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Originating from Indonesia Garcinia cambogia is a Fruit extract that helps people to metabolize their fats and also acts as a drug that suppresses appetite. Hindering these results in burning of the extra carbohydrate in the body. Even it controls obesity and most of it, it’s an herbal treatment. These herbs are identified by TLC method namely Thin Layer Chromatographic method. This method is the only method by which this herb can be accurately and reliably analyzed. Doctors recommend taking these pills as diet supplements, once a day before meals.

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects and Benefits

Garcinia cambogia is basically a pumpkin looking fruit and is of yellow or green in color. Garcinia cambogia is said to have weight loss effects on taking them but no medical evidence supports this assertion to be true. The initial fruit has no side effects and is perfectly safe it’s after the manufacture of the pills which are available in the market, has side effects. So it’s the way the manufacturers’ manufacture this product which make it negatively effective to our body. Although this supplement has negative effects, recent studies, journals and scientists report that although these supplements contain unhealthy ingredients they are completely safe to use on daily basis.  are mostly unknown.

Garcinia cambogia is safe for limited use, for say 12 weeks or less but a long term usage can be dangerous. A long term use of this product can cause a feeling of sickness with inclinations of vomiting, headache and discomforts in stomach and intestine. Use of Garcinia cambogia during pregnancy and breast feeding stages are not known so it is better to be on the safe side and avoid using these capsules. The pure Garcinia cambogia has absolutely no side effects, it’s the addition of fillers and blinders by the manufacturers to produce the cheapest product they can make the product unsafe for human consumptions. The effects of impure Garcinia cambogia depends on the types of fillers and blinders their manufacturers add. The manufacturers of these products do not care of the human health after the consumption of this product; all they do care about is their profit.

So it is the responsibility of us to rather pay attention to the ingredients that are used in the products and choose wisely. It’s not about how much we pay less; it’s about whether or not we end up in hospital. Garcinia cambogia should be taken under professional advice only and is recommended only for people with serious health issues. Many people get on the hike of its achievements and become regular users of Garcinia cambogia without the consult of their doctors. They may show you results but in the long run they have side effects and can result one to end up in hospitals.

Use of Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a miracle among the weight loss products and has adversely affected the people using them consciously. It the ultimate method to lose weight effortlessly. There are effectively pure products of Garcinia cambogia with no side effects. Buying the pure extract under doctor’s recommendation is the best thing to do. It is just about being careful about your health. These capsules can be even used with diet and workout, these results in gaining body mass.

Even though one stops using Garcinia cambogia, they work passively upon the body to reduce fat. Side Effects from Garcinia cambogia can be adverse but a conscious and active mind can turn this danger into a life changing opportunity of reducing fat without and hard work. Other than its fat reduction capability Garcinia cambogia has anti-cancer and anti-oxidant properties as well. Garcinia cambogia is a revolutionary product and the only effortless option to reduce fat.

Author Bio: Garcinia cambogia is absolutely effective and safe. The Side Effect from Garcinia cambogia originates only when the manufacturers of this product mix fillers and blinders to them.


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