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It is very difficult to assess fatty liver disease based on feel and symptoms. That is why it is important to keep tabs on yourself and regularly visit your licensed physician to have yourself checked. It is also good practice to consult them in any treatment you may give yourself.


Non-Alcoholic fatty liver is different with alcoholic fatty liver only in its cause, your liver accumulates fat through means not concerned with alcohol. Their effects could be the same but prevention measures can get tricky as there are no defined symptoms. If you do get diagnosed with it here are a few ways to treat it.


This is the first thing you should do if you get the news that you have this condition. Exercise will help you lose weight and all the excess fat in the body in general. The accumulated fat in the liver will also be reduced. Not only that but by removing what’s causing the disease you are healing any damage that your liver has.

You shouldn’t stop when you find your liver healing already, this should be a lifestyle change. You should continue to manage your weight so that you don’t have to face this condition again.


It is not enough to just exercise if you truly want to see results. Changing your diet is another way to lose that excess weight and fat you may be holding on to. Some would think that a low-fat diet is the way to go but actually opting for a low-calorie diet is a much better approach. A low-glycemic diet is another strategy you could opt for because it keeps your blood sugar in check and that is important for the health of your liver. Make better choices in what you put in your body, it may be difficult in the start but it will become a habit in time.


Staying away from alcohol may be your initial response when you get diagnosed with fatty liver disease. This may be true for a lot of other alcohol but not wine. There is a study that a glass of wine a day can help your efforts of treating and preventing fatty liver disease. So, for all the alcohol drinkers you don’t have to say good bye to the days of drinking with your friends or after a stressful day. Just switch out that glass of beer to a glass of wine and you’re good to go.

Alternative Medication

There is no medication that is specific to fatty liver disease, yet other medication for other conditions may help you in a few ways. There a cholesterol lowering drugs that can aid you in decreasing the amount of fat in the liver, There are also drugs that can lower blood sugar and in relation the insulin levels in your body. Both types of medication can be beneficial in reversing the effects of the condition but always remember to approach a doctor first.

Awareness for fatty liver has been increasing in the past few years. The problem with fatty liver is that it could lead to much worse conditions such as cancer or the complete shutdown of the liver. It could all begin in your own HDBs, Singapore is facing a harsh truth that cases of fatty liver are rising in the country.


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