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In the heart of the Silver Coast and a stone’s throw from Bordeaux, nature and the most sophisticated hedonism create a fabulous blend. Its sands, forests and populations give the reason to those who believe that this is one of the most privileged places in the world.

Arcachon Bay France

There are only 114 meters at the highest point, although for most that reach the summit, will give the sensation to climb the Everest. Reach the summit is certainly, the most arduous and rewarding ascent you will do throughout the year. There are 114 meters, but the effort really worth it.

When you feel the soft sea breeze in your face, you can be sure that you have conquered the ridge. Then you just have to descend to the Bank of Arguín and admire the stunning Bay of Arcachon.

Also called Great Dune of Pilat, this enormous natural formation of coastal sand owes its main name, Pyla, to the Gascon word that serves to define heap. It contains 60 million cubic meters of sand that occupy 87 hectares of land located at the edge of the sea, south of Arcachon. With a length of 2.7 kilometres and up to half a width in some areas, stands between 70 and 100 meters constituting the highest dune in Europe. Declared National Site belongs to the Natural Park of the Landes and treasures a unique ecosystem.

“Merci à Gaume d’avoir crée le Paradis”: Thanks to Gaume for creating Paradise. Louis Gaume was a visionary who at the beginning of the 20th century realised that Arcachon had it all. Thus, he developed in the outskirts of a newborn town a neighbourhood where the life immersed itself in nature until being part of it.


The oyster, a delicious meal

Sea, sand and forest, nature perfumed with a few drops of mundane hedonism. Have the opportunity to run down the dune until falling, enjoy a glass of “Bordelais”, feel the soft Ocean Breeze on your face, visit the trails across the pinewood aboard a bike, soak up the sun on the Pyla-sur-Mer while a bunch of spatulas fly over your head and take a dozen oysters while admiring the perfect sunset of this part of the world: The Paradise.

The visit of Napoleon

1857 it’s a date recognised as the beginning of the era of tourism in Arcachon. Once it was an isolated fishing port in the middle of an unhealthy coast, where there were only wetlands, mosquitoes and diseases. The construction of the railroad Bordeaux-Arcachon, by order of Napoleón III, in May of that same year, gave rise to the populace converting it into a commune. The visit of the emperor in 1863 gave a definitive impulse to the town, which became a first-rate holiday destination, developing all kinds of infrastructure.

Such an early real estate operation survives in the urban geography of the city, where any “Flâneur” will find himself strolling around the Pereire Park and the City of Spring.

The Moorish Park is another recommended visit from which you can perceive villas with names as sumptuous as their past: Trocadero, Brémontier, Toledo, Graigcrostran, Vincenette, Faust and many others. Around the Plaza de las Palmeras and the promenade, you will find bistros, boutiques and restaurants and weekly markets that offer regional products.


The promenade of Arcachon disputed with the walk of the Casino of Biarritz the title of “Croisette of the Atlantic”. The promenade must not end until reaching the old Aiguillon Saint Ferdinand. Also called the City of Autumn, this “Quartier” maintains the essence of the old fishing village that was in its beginnings.

Certainly, if you have decided to spend few days in Arcachon, you must visit book a Beach Hotel, and enjoy the unique sights of the Dune and the Bay.

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