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Whether you want to effectively communicate a natural and “green” brand, want to make the most of an otherwise unused space, or you simply want an attractive and great looking area where visitors can congregate, a pop up garden could be the ideal solution. Pop up gardens do not need to have masses of space, they can be built on virtually any surface, and while some may only be required to last for a few days, you can enjoy a pop up garden that will last for an entire season or more.

Pop Up Garden

The versatility of design options means that you can match any product or corporate branding, and it also means that you can incorporate different areas, while using a skilled and professional pop up garden designer means that you can ensure high quality results that will be well received by all of your guests and all visitors to the garden. Preparation is key, and you need to ensure that you not only portray your own vision but that you work with any branding or brand communication company that is working with your organisation for an event.

Product launches, and experiential marketing events, have become very popular. Typically, a business invites industry names, as well as marketers, media, and even some of their most important potential buyers and business partners to the launch. As well as the grand unveiling, it is common practice for food and drinks to be put on, while the story of the product itself, or the story behind the idea, is presented in one form or another.

Finding the perfect area for a product launch can prove challenging. Very few businesses have dedicated areas for such things, and any space that you do have is unlikely to be properly and appropriately designed for the event. If you are planning an outdoor event, whether it is under cover or not, then a pop up garden design can offer comfort, and it can be used to portray and relay a relaxed environment. It is not only ideal for companies selling natural products, but for those that want to offer a homely or outdoor vibe for their event.

A pop up garden can be as short- or long-term as you want it to be. While product launch stages typically only have a short lifespan, if you are celebrating a major year or milestone in your organisation, you may want celebrations to go on for several months. The event itself might be the primary mechanism behind your business. In either of these cases, you will want a pop up garden that will last longer than a few days.

Pop up gardens can offer everything that a standard garden can offer. You can have separate areas for sitting and relaxing, areas for eating and entertaining, and you can have areas that provide branding and design. All pop up gardens should be designed according to client specifications, ensuring that they portray the right image, that they last as long as required, and that they coordinate with any brand communication strategy.

The Garden Club London can design and install high quality, beautiful, and effective pop up gardens and has experience working with high profile clients like John Lewis.

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