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It’s a known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day often considered as fuel for body yet people just eat scanty or simply refrain from it. Skipping breakfast means you’ll eventually run out of energy pretty soon even if feeling all energized at dawn. Being in a rush with kids getting dressed for school, feeding the dog before going to work, do the dishes and many other chores in the morning means you’re probably leaving without that bacon, eggs, a bowl of cereal and fresh juice!

Bananasplit fruit salad

Furthermore, you might pick a doughnut on your way smothered in creamy delight, chocolate syrup and vegetable oil is like eating a cholesterol bomb. How to overcome all this hassle? Simply read the article for quick and delicious breakfast ideas that you can have in a nick of time before going empty stomach plus improves your health. So it’s a double whammy!

DIY Bowl of Honey Delight

Take a bowl of nuts and drop some honey! Add raisins, sliced bananas, cinnamon sprinkles and low fat so milk to make a super fuel breakfast bowl. Soy milk gives the dish a surprisingly pleasant taste while cinnamon is a perfect remedy to rid bad fats from a body and maintains immune system. Meanwhile, potassium in raisins and calcium in bananas are perfect to keep you nourished for hours and probably all day if your work isn’t too much hectic. It’s advised not to drink excess water before or after the breakfast, only one glass would suffice!

Toast, Butter & Oatmeal Too!

Take some almond butter and spread over whole wheat toast for morning power pack. If your kids don’t like butter, use almond incorporated as an alternative which they’ll definitely love. To charge your body more, have a low fat or soy milk, an apple or any fruit per likes to go along and that’s just two minutes for best breakfasts in Dubai or some other place for instance.

healthy breakfast ideas

Above all, oatmeal is the finest option so far which you can ready instantly. Simply open the box, pour some milk, throw cinnamon, add fresh berries and you’re all set! Try blueberries and cranberries, bursting with nutrition.

The Indulging Tub of Yoghurt

Looking for something you can gobble down in a matter of minutes or even seconds on a rush? There’s nothing simpler than a tub of yoghurt; peel of the lid and eat spoon full. Give it more flavors by adding few walnuts and berries for a fiber blast. Besides, fruity yoghurts are widely available in market which you and your kids would love!

Whole Grain Goodies

If you haven’t tried it before, now is the perfect time to enjoy whole grain waffle or pancakes for morning delight. Avoid swathing them in syrup as much as possible however, use almond, peanut butter or any fruit of your choice as a toping.

healthy breakfast food

Smoothie for a Smooth Day

Homemade smoothies are 100 times better than that big, Styrofoam glass of shake filled with carbohydrates and bad fats especially when purchased from a local vendor. Take some fruits like kiwi, bananas, oranges, blueberries and pineapple, throw them in the blender and whir for a minute or two. Lest you’re getting late, pick a glass from the top best restaurants in Dubai.


So here’re a few ideas for quick and nutritious breakfasts that’ll take only two minutes. Eat right, stay bright!

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