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Drug and alcohol abuse are serious problems that negatively impact millions of Americans and individuals around the world. In fact, drug and alcohol addiction can impact more than just the people who have the issue – it can be a problem for family, friends and loved ones as well.


While getting clean can seem like a nearly impossible challenge when you’re in the middle of an addiction, there are some ways you can start the process of getting off drugs and alcohol. Use this guide to begin your journey toward a new sober life.

Once you’re sober and leading a healthier, happier life you’ll wonder why it took you so long.

Be Honest with Yourself

Drug and alcohol addiction are tremendous problems that even addicts try to avoid confronting. While you might know that you’re doing something wrong in your life and that you are abusing drugs or alcohol, you may not realize the situation you are in.

Take a look at your life and evaluate how much of a problem drugs and alcohol have created for you. Have you lost a job? Loved ones? Maybe you’ve spent money on DUI cases, crashed vehicles or late bill payments. Maybe you’ve even spent a small fortune on drugs and alcohol over the years.

All of these things greatly reduce the quality of your life and they simply aren’t sustainable. Make a list of how drugs and alcohol have affected your life and be honest with yourself.

It’s the best way to begin seriously getting your drug or alcohol addiction under control.

Talk to Your Loved Ones

Before you can really begin the process of getting clean and sober for the first time since you developed an addiction you need to come clean to your friends and family. While some people may know about your abuse of drugs and alcohol, they may not know the full extent of your addiction. In some cases, you may also have been successful in hiding your addictions from people in your life that you care about.

To break down the walls that surround drug and alcohol addicts you need to sit the people you love down and talk to them. They’ll be there to support you if you want to get clean, and that support system can be essential when you’re trying to get your life together and stop abusing drugs and alcohol.

Find a Treatment Center

After talking to friends and family about your addiction and coming clean with yourself, you need to figure out how to find a treatment center that works for you. Friends and family may be able to offer help, and if you have a mental health care provider they can probably help you find a facility in your area as well, or one that meets your specific needs.

However, you can also use a drug treatment center finder to help you see where the right facility is for you. Not all drug treatment facilities are the same, so you will want to look for one that specializes in treating your particular issue.

For example, some treatment facilities tend to take on more problems with alcohol addiction and specialize in that. Others tend to treat drugs like heroin or cocaine on a regular basis while seeing less people who have alcohol dependency issues.

Talk to any facility before you plan to check in for your health. They’ll let you know what is expected of you and how they will be able to help you. It’s essential that you get medical care right away to beat your addiction, but that doesn’t mean that any facility out there is right for you.

Do your homework, but do it quickly so you can begin getting treatment as soon as possible. Use to help you find the right drug or alcohol treatment facility for you.

Get Outpatient Care

Once you’ve gone through a drug or alcohol treatment program away from your home, chances are you still are going to need a little help to stay clean and sober. This is a normal part of recovery and people do much better battling their demons and addictions if they receive outpatient care from a reputable program once they’re done with their initial treatment.

In many cases your rehabilitation facility will be able to recommend the right outpatient program for you, especially if you stayed in your home town during treatment. Find the right outpatient facility and you’ll be more likely to stay clean and sober for life.

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