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Juice diet is a necessary part of a diet chart. As juice is made of fruits and fruits are very easy to digest, so it’s very good for health as it is the source of nutrition. It is a detox diet where you can consume fresh vegetables and fruits only. So it is better than the water fasting. People generally intake juice diet for fasting purpose during religious occasions, for medicinal purpose patients take this, the desire to reduce weight and for an attempt to leave few addictions like smoking, drug, caffeine, overeating and drinking soda.

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Advantages of juice diet
There are few advantages of this diet consumption. It helps to lose extra weight. It repairs the organs of the digestive system and increases the ability of digestion. If digestion is good, then the mind will be fresh and energetic and you can concentrate on your work very nicely.  Your blood pressure level will be in your control. It increases the shine of the skin. It removes the toxicity of the body as well as the skin. Moreover it may increase your life span. If the vegetables and the fruits are fresh then there is nothing to worry. Instead of having only fruits, if you drink juice, you can consume more minerals, vitamins, fibers at a time.

Disadvantages of juice diet
Besides lots of benefits, there are few disadvantages of this diet. Most of the fruits are lacking of fats and proteins. Though they have enormous vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, but without the proper intake of fat and protein, the new tissue building will not be possible. So you may face several problems due to the lacking of proteins and fats in proper quantity. If you buy juice from the market, then before buying it, please check the ingredients. Then avoid the product that includes added preservative, flavors and chemicals that may cause harm to your health.

Few tips for you before trying juice diet
One thing to remember that always try single type fruit or vegetable juice. Because mixed fruit juice is not good as much as single type of fruit as every type of fruit has its own acidic property. So mix result of more than one type of acid may be vulnerable to your health. Diabetes patients consume juice diet considering few things in mind. They should avoid commercial products because in these, sugar presents in huge quantity that is not good for their health. They should try homemade juice diet. Keep it in your mind that you should not depend only on the juice diet because without solid foods, your body may face a scarcity of proper all types of nutrition and long term effect of liquid consumption may impair your digestive system also. So consult your doctor first and then start having this diet.

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