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For a woman, the menopause stage can be quite disturbing. You heard of night sweats, hot flashes, depression, and mood swings as symptoms of menopausal stage. However, there are natural menopause relief that comes in the forms of diet, supplements and herbs that you can take without the adverse side effects.

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Some nutritionists advised that you could eat 8 ounces of tofu everyday to get relief from menopause. It contains phytoestrogen, a mild estrogen-like compound to ease menopausal symptoms, and isoflavones that reduces the intensity of hot flashes. Another source of phytoestrogen is flax seeds, which you can grind and add to soups, salads, marinades, cereals, and any other food.

You could also take half to a millimeter of black cohosh tincture twice to four times a day to combat hot flashes. This reduces the level of luteinizing hormones responsible for dilating blood vessels and sends heat to blood vessels. For night sweats, 10 to 15 drops of sage tincture combine with a cup of juice can be a good help as it reduces excessive sweating.

You can also take vitamin E supplement for this. For relief of menopausal symptoms, you might want to try one to two teaspoons of chaste tree berry, or Vitex, as it restores the natural progesterone levels of your body. Other herbs for natural menopause relief include chamomile and motherwort, which can be found in health stores.

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